Talitha Newman

A native Austinite, Talitha Newman is an enthusiastic guide to all Austin has to offer. She has been carefully listening to clients and helping them meet their real estate goals since 2000. Talitha has been specializing in East Austin for 18 years, and also focuses on central Austin, far South Austin, and rural areas. Her clients appreciate her calmness, knowledge of all things real estate, and strong negotiating skills. 

Talitha co-owned South Austin's La Fuente's Restaurant and a boutique East Austin real estate company, One City Properties,  for eight years with her brother.  Talitha also recently co-founded Cherry Cola Dog, a progressive art space in East Austin, and is currently involved in creating events in the spiritual and esoteric arts. Talitha also is a mom, and loves reading, traveling, and collecting art.

Client Reviews:

Words cannot begin to describe the respect we have for Talitha Phillips. She is a consummate professional. Her knowledge of Austin is deep and thorough. Her understanding of home values, construction, styles, and potential is extremely helpful. She offers positive ideas without being pushy or unrealistic.

Talitha is always highly responsive and patient. She has helped us look for property in Austin for a number of years, and that experience allowed us to be ready to move rapidly when the right opportunity arose. She understands all the legal issues (without ever crossing into the forbidden terrain of offering legal advice) and she is clear on the duties and obligations of both buyers and seller. She is highly ethical, and one can have complete trust that she will do the right thing promptly, thoroughly and competently.

In addition, she is an extremely pleasant person to work with. She listens to her customers, helps clients to define their priorities, addresses their needs, and looks for the right “match.”

Brenda Blair and Larry Yarak

Talitha could not have been better- she was absolutely incredible. I feel like we gained a friend, not just a realtor. I really can’t say enough good things about her- we were buying a house as an investment and for our grown kids to rent, so we had several people with several different goals involved in deciding what, and whether, to buy. Didn’t even know for sure we were going to buy anything. But Talitha managed to sift through our almost competing goals and help us identify what we, as a group, were looking for- and also to prevent some potentially dicey communication issues among us! She knew the areas of town we were looking in backwards and forwards- (east and south). Trusted her judgement completely about areas of town we weren’t familiar with- she even told us the downsides of neighborhoods or of the structures of some particular houses that looked good online. That made us trust her completely when we had questions about other neighborhoods or houses. She was always available, flexible, knowledgeable, helped us negotiate what we felt to be a very good deal, and helped us know how to appeal to the seller. We ended up with a house that all of us love- the only downside of finally getting it is that we aren’t seeing Talitha regularly anymore!

I highly recommend her, and will give her name to any friends of mine who are looking for a realtor to sell or buy.


We worked with Talitha Phillips, and couldn’t have been happier. My husband and I described Talitha as “magic” on multiple occasions. Talitha is kind, personable, and considerate, and in these respects, she is precisely the sort of person I want to represent me in legal transactions. Fortunately, she is also a strong negotiator and has an incredible understanding of the real estate market and process. In this ridiculously tight market, we found our new home in 10 days. Practically a miracle, and we owe it, in large part, to Talitha.

Hannah T.

I can’t say enough about Talitha but “Super!” comes to mind. You have more than just an excellent professional agent, you have a truly beautiful human being that I really look forward to working with again.


Talitha is the most trusted and reliable Realtor I could hope for. She has an extensive knowledge of the East Austin market. She is professional, friendly, responsive, calm and positive. I highly recommend her. 

Sunyong Chung

Talitha Newman Phillips was tireless in helping us find our dream home! Always helping with a pleasant smile and calm attitude, Talitha was able to respond to any curve ball this process threw her. She was knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind and considerate always. Never pushy, she seemed to know exactly what we were looking for. I would recommend her for anyone looking for real estate in Austin, but I feel she specializes in first time home buyers and those looking at unique properties especially on the East Side. Thanks so much again Talitha!

Emily Potts

Having never bought a home before, I was really nervous about the whole process. After my first 5 minutes with Talitha, I had many of my fears and apprehensions about this process alleviated. She is very professional, very down to earth, and very much made me feel that she was looking out for my best interests. I am obsessive compulsive about many of my purchases and was even more so when buying my first house. She was very patient and understanding in dealing with whatever requests or questions that I would constantly bombard her with (morning, daytime and night time). Throughout all the ups and downs that come with trying to buy a house, I really feel that she was invested in my experience being a first time home buyer. In the end, I feel that together we found the best fit for me. I would gladly recommend her to anyone that is thinking about buying a home.

Maneesh Bhandari

Talitha Phillips helped my wife and I purchase our first home. In an extremely competitive market, Talitha guided us gracefully and confidently every step of the way to our closing yesterday morning. Talitha has an outstanding and comprehensive knowledge of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Austin. She helped us define which neighborhoods suited our individual desires and price range. Talitha is a highly proactive agent with an acute understanding on Austin’s real estate market. Throughout the process, we put in 5 offers before going under contract. We felt confident in Talitha’s ability to gauge the value of each property and make competitive offers without paying too much. Lastly, we felt Talitha’s support throughout the ups and downs of the search, our frustrations and roadblocks with financing, and the emotional process of purchasing our first home. We received many referrals for capable real estate agents, but this experience would not have been the same without Talitha as our agent. Absolute 100% endorsement!

Brandon and Melody DeMaris

Talitha was an absolute joy to work with, I trusted her 100% every step of the way.

Davey Wreden

Talitha Newman Phillips is the best downtown east Austin agent there is. I have made a career from simply buying and selling with her over the last 12 years. I am a licensed broker but I still use her for everything. She knows about every resident in 78702 and of course has lived there for the last 20 years. Lifelong Austin resident as well. She has made my wife and I over 1 million in profit from the purchases we have made through her. Most stuff we have kept buy finally decided to sell and 1031 the first property she helped us buy. Purchase price $78,000… twelve years later, sale price $400,000. Ya, I like my real estate agent. :)

Shiloh N.

It was a pleasure to work with Talitha in my recent quest to find a house in Sun City in Georgetown. She was very patient when i was looking at houses even before I was ready to purchase one. Then when I found a house to my liking, she was always accommodating whenever I needed anything which was especially helpful to me since I purchased my home from Myrtle Beach, SC (which I found through a listing she sent me). She went out of her way to send me some videos of the house and answer lots of questions about it.

Talitha made what could have been a traumatic experience one that I will remember as smooth and efficient. 

Lill Heit

Talitha exceeded my expectations. I knew I wanted to move to the East Austin area and I bought a house that was a good bit below my budget. It speaks volumes that she was trying to get me into a house that fit my needs and not just trying to maximize her commission with the most expensive house possible. I recommend Talitha without any reservations. She is honest, trustworthy, dependable, and her familiarity with the East Austin is truly impressive.

Brad B.

I have just spent almost a year looking for and purchasing a home in East Austin… Talitha was my agent and I cannot say enough amazing things about her… she is so knowledgeable about buying a home, fixing up a home and anything else involved in owning a home… she is so caring and thoughtful and saw me through the ups and downs of purchasing my first home… I recommend her very very highly and am thrilled to do so… she is the best!!!

Laura Wehrman

Talitha was absolutely fantastic during our house buying experience. I am deployed in the Middle East and my family is still in Hawaii. Her help was critical in not only finding a house, but in facilitating the purchase with our locations being so widely dispersed. She went above and beyond and without her help and advice we would have been unable to get the house. I know my wife Amy especially was very appreciative of Talitha’s expertise and help. She had to find a house from long distance by herself and Talitha would visit the house and send us videos to help us decide. While in the purchasing phase she was instrumental in helping to keep the process moving and was in constant contact with me. We could not have been happier with her as our agent. We can’t thank Talitha enough.

Davin O’Hora

We had a wonderful experience with Talitha and are pleased with our final purchase and the search process.

We never felt that she was trying to pressure us to get something that wasn’t right for us. If there was a problem with the house we were looking at, she never tried to sugarcoat or downplay it but instead was completely upfront about issues. 

As first time homebuyers, we asked a lot of questions and she always responded thoroughly and promptly and did not mind taking the time to explain the details.

I would highly recommend her, especially for people looking to buy in East Austin- her knowledge of and passion for the area was obvious.

Sarah and Neil Kopper

Talitha sold us our first home in 2007. When we decided to put it on the market, due to our growing family, she was the first person we called. 

I can’t tell you how wonderful Talitha is to work with. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient, and has the ability to explain the buying/selling process in a way that made us feel very informed and comfortable. Not only would I recommend her, but I would probably not ever list with another agent. Finding a home for us that can accommodate an artist, our 2.5 and 1 year old children adn 2 dogs was not easy. 

Talitha was patient with us, our schedules, our questions, our fears. She more than exceeded our expectations as she did during the purchase of our first home.

Julie, Luis, Pilar & Marcello Abreu

Working with Talitha as a first time home buyer was better than I ever could have imagined. She was not only on top of it and able to answer all of our concerns and questions with detail and great thought, but she was also an amazing resource and all around good person to know. As someone who had never worked with a realtor I had no idea what to expect, for us Talitha was a dream. She met us where we were in the process and maintained a calming presence. She was also very in touch with what we wanted, aesthetics, neighborhood, etc. which felt very important to us when looking at houses. And as I mentioned before, she just seems to know Austin so well. She is a tremendous resource! I can’t say enough good things about her!

Finegan Ferreboeuf

Talitha was absolutely amazing. I received her contact as a recommendation from my brother and have already strongly recommended that my friends work with her. 

I was impressed with Talitha’s attention to detail, her responsiveness, and her professional expertise. I was very happy to work with Talitha and if the opportunity arose I would love to work with her again!

Gergo Perlaky

It was really great working with Talitha. She was on top of her game, gave great advice, remained calm in times of high stress and did a fantastic job overall. I highly recommend working with her!

Mariana Gutierrez