10 Late Night Eateries in Austin

10 Late Night Eateries in Austin

During SXSW, you might find yourself searching for the perfect spot to cure that after-party hunger. In Austin, around the clock eats and drinks are the best way to fuel those sleepless nights. From 3 a.m. caffeine fixes, baked good cravings, to solid diner fare, there is a 24-hour option for every need.

Here is a quick list (in random order) of Austin go-tos for 24-hour eats and drinks!

1. Magnolia Café: An Austin tradition since the 80’s, you can find just about everything you need for late-night munchies, like Mag Mud Queso, giant pancakes, burgers and more.

2. 24 hour diner: It’s right there in the name! 24 Diner provides a more upscale take on comfort food all day and night long and close to downtown! (Keep in mind it closes down on Wednesdays from 1 to 6 a.m. for maintenance.)

3. Voodoo Doughnut: Annihilate your sweet tooth at Portland’s iconic cash-only doughnut shop who made its way into Austin with all-hours sweets on Dirty Sixth. 

4. Kerbey Lane: Another iconic Austin diner since the 80s, Almost any of the Kerbey Lane spots will satisfy all-day needs with breakfast and queso. Keep in mind that the original location on Kerbey Lane and Westlake aren't open 24 hours.

5. La Mexicana Bakery: This family-owned bakeshop is full of Mexican baked goods like pan dulces, pralines, and, of course, breakfast tacos! Located on South 1st in the heart of South Austin!

6. Epoch: Get your caffeine fix, anytime of the day or night. The North Loop location provides around the clock coffee for deadlines, study sessions, and just general procrastination.

7. Tyson’s Tacos: The Hyde Park restaurant dishes out tacos 24/7, from breakfast ones like the I'm So Egg-cited with fried yolks, to lunch and dinner takes like al pastor, mahi mahi, crispy duck, and more.

8. Bennu: There are decadent caffeinated concoctions at Bennu, plus food from Taco Mex, Hoboken Pies, and other great late-night options. There's a second location that is open 24 hours on South Congress too.

9. Monkey Nest: The Brentwood cafe wisely expanded its hours to all day, where coffee, tea, smoothies, salads, pizza, and sandwiches are all available.

10. Whataburger: Yep, had to go there. Most Austin locations of the state’s favorite burger chain serves satisfying burgers all day and night long. Even better, it dishes out late night and early morning breakfast too.

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