2020 Austin Summer Camps | Virtual and On-Site

Every summer, Austin kids and adults alike look forward to some leisure time, whether it’s summer camps or a vacation. While health concerns have many Central Texas organizations leaving their programs closed up, innovation and adaptation have created a new realm of possibilities for 2020! We are excited to share these unique and creative summer camps for kids of all ages around the Greater Austin area. From virtual baking camps to safe in-person sports programs, this list of virtual 2020 summer programs will have you looking forward to this off-season again!

All around Austin, institutions are adapting to new norms. Take a look at the latest programs made available to kids from kindergarten to high school (or even you young-at-heart adults):


Austin Zoo

Virtual Interactive Education Programs


Mad Science

Virtual Science Camps with Supplies


The University of Texas School of Design and Creative Technologies

Online Summer Camps


Game Design

Sketching and Design Thinking

Graphic Design


The Hideout

Virtual Summer Camps

Improv Comedy

Performance Games



Austin Bat Cave


Pen Pals



Bake Austin

Dinner Club

Baking 1010

Cookie Camp


Elite University Summer Camp 

Safely Executing In-Person Summer Camps

Camp Outback

Fine Arts 




Cordovan Art School

On-Campus Classes

Summer Camps

Art Classes

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