For Agents

Allure Real Estate was created with the productive and brand conscious agent in mind, as a place where collaboration meets camaraderie, and a place where you can grow your individual career with an eye toward the big picture.

Created by Kerry Redding and Isaiah Tibbs, Allure is not an "all agents aboard" concept. We are here to fulfill the need in real estate brokerages that many require but have not found, that is namely, to take those with demonstrated tenacity and potential in this business and support and grow their dreams into the career they desire. Too often we see companies weighted down and taxing their resources with those not serious about making this a career. Likewise it is not difficult to find the "absentee broker" who is not active in their agents' careers, and does not provide the support they so necessarily require when growing.

At Allure Real Estate, we offer a competitive split with a cap, which allows you to grow to unlimited potential, while offering the support and innovation needed to generate a vibrant business. You as the agent are of our primary concern, so that your clients can remain yours.

Please call us today for an interview, and experience the expansion in your career you always knew possible.