"He who has the gold, makes the rules"

Or more appropriately in this market, he or she who owns the home, CURRENTLY makes the rules. Yes, we're in a seller's market in the Austin area. How long will this last? Is it a seller's market for everyone? What does that really mean? Well, it doesn't mean just anyone can get you any price you name. There's a certain wisdom in taking a position of power--one with the inventory--and then hiring the best of the best to get maximum value for the property you own. Calling the part time agent that doesn't have experience and works with so-and-so is not likely to be in your highest good.

At Allure Real Estate, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and and well-educated group of agents who excel above their average peers and have achieved proven results. We use both traditional and cutting edge methods to market and sell your property. We often hear "I didn't think it would be so easy".

At times, we also hear from those who may have attempted to sell their property on their own or with a less than stellar broker...we are here for you, too. Ask us for special tools, reports, and assistance if you've been sidelined in one of these situations. We will get you moving towards the closing table asefficiently and smoothly as possible!

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